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Landau scrubs

As a healthcare uniform supplier specialist, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of the most popular shirts, pants and scrubs to the healthcare industry.  Realising Australian suppliers don’t offer as much choice, we applied to be a registered distributor of Landau Scrubs, a well known and trusted US scrub manufacturer.

Landau’s commitment is To create the highest quality scrubs and medical apparel through the use of better fabric, better color, better design, better construction and better quality. When it comes down to it, we believe our attention to detail makes all the difference. It may sound obsessive, but it’s just how we’ve been making Landau scrubs and clothing for medical professionals for generations.

We know many of our client’s love the colour choice that US scrub brands like Landau offer but it can be tricky with guessing at the correct size, the fluctuating exchange rate as well as long and expensive shipping.

That’s why we are stocking a range of colours at our shop where you can come in, try on exactly what you want and take it on the day.  No long waits, no guesses, no disappointments!

We want to be your go to destination for all things scrubs and we are confident our new range of Landau scrubs will tick that box.

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